• About

    Lu was born in 1952. She lives in Italy between Milan and Florence, sometimes travelling abroad: the place where she stays the most is “between”.
    She always enjoyed playing with music and words, then pleasure became work with the consequences evident for herself and the rest of the world.
    In the sixties and seventies she played the guitar and sang with several groups, she moved into the music world writing soundtracks and singing for advertising.
    In the eighties she performed the songs Maracaibo, Dance all nite and Rimini Ouagadougou.
    After a long break she produced the albums L’uovo di Colombo and Lupai.
    She also works as a painter, restorer and interior designer.
    The new album “Molto piu di un buon motivo” comes from Lu’s love for the spanish songwriter Joaquin Sabina. All the translations are written by Sergio S. Sacchi who involves several musicians in the pructions. Lu’s rough voice well matches with the meaning of the songs.